Healing Meditation Techniques to Release Negativity

Negativity within the body can often manifest into disease if we don’t manage it properly. Complete spiritual healing is available when you take that time to listen to your body and inner self. Meditation is one of the best ways to find a more balanced and positive outlook on your life. There are an endless amount of options for healing through meditation. If you’re not sure how to become more spiritual but want to find that part of yourself, meditation is a gentle way to begin your journey. Spirituality allows you to heal wounds from the past and live a life that is free. Whatever negative emotions, thoughts and feelings have come up from the past can be abolished when you look within. Healing meditation techniques cover all the aspects of our inner self which reaches out to the outer world we live in. We find peace and tranquility replaces the negativity that stops our life from being beautiful.

Whether you’ve been battling with your negativity for years or just a few weeks, chakras healing can be an effective method of meditation. You can find a guided meditation online easily where the guide asks you to relax and follow them through breathing and attention. You will sense each of the 7 chakras and where they sit within the body. Breathing in will cleanse the chakras and open them while breathing out dispels negative energy from your body. All of the bases of your emotions and actions sit within the chakras and when they are open, you’re able to start healing spiritually.

A simple healing meditation technique is to just sit with your eyes closed, find your center and listen to spiritual affirmations. As time goes on, you will likely find your own personal affirmations but in the beginning you can listen to a guide. Affirmations remind you that you are a being of light and that you are powerful beyond measure. Breathing in this positivity and light allows you to easily breathe out negativity and darkness. They are much like spiritual prayers for healing or a spiritual statement and this practice is powerful for releasing negativity. Listening to spiritual healing music while you are sitting and centered allows joy to enter your deepest self. While you listen to the inspiring and relaxing music, you may want to do a prayer about healing. This type of spiritual self-healing is a beautiful way to come home to yourself and find the trust and oneness again.

As you sit in meditation, you can bring to your mind words that make you feel positive and allow negativity to dissipate. There are many prayers for spiritual healing available out there. You may want to come up with your own based on your own journey through life. There are also a lot of spiritual sayings for healing that can be used to bring you to a higher frequency. Allow the words that inspire you most to absorb into your heart. Allow a small unforced smile to develop as this allows your frequency to be more positive. Offer yourself loving kindness no matter what feelings arise in the body. Acknowledge your pain, doubt, grief, guilt and other negative feelings. When you do this, those negative thoughts and emotions lose their power.

Meditation will offer you many opportunities on how to spiritually heal yourself and rid yourself of negativity that clouds your ability to live a happy life. When you commit to a daily practice of meditation, you begin to peel the layers of yourself. Layers that were created through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Some of these parts of our past make no sense in the place we are today. Meditation allows us to investigate and put things to rest, allowing positivity in and negating negativity.