Evil Eye Protection and Why to Prevent it Before it Happens

Have you ever bought a new car and the same week you have frequent accidents of the car breaks down?  Have you had visitors to your home and all of a sudden soon after, appliances start to break when it should not be their time? Your beloved pet attracts so much attention with their charm and suddenly becomes sick or has an abnormal personality change? Your garden has just started in the season where your flowers have become full bloom and after 1 day they all die off and never bloom the same? It is not a definite you have fallen victim to the evil eye if any of these things have happened to you, but it might be a good idea to look into it. If you feel you might have fallen victim you can do a free spiritual evaluation.


Evil eye protection is a must in today's growing world. If you can prevent it before it comes upon you it can save you from a lot of problems. Not to say that everyone will get the evil eye in their lifetime, but many do. The evil eye meaning can be looked upon differently by which country or culture you ask. There is a common factor worldwide. In many cultures, the symbol is found on people, their children, and their belongings such as homes, vehicles and even their pets. The symbols are most commonly seen as a round blue circle with a white and blue eye inside of it. Also sometimes seen as the eye in the middle of a hand.  Many times it is seen attached to some sort of jewelry, hanging in a home or car. This symbol itself cannot protect from the evil eye but is an international symbol of protection.


Evil eye protection is a good practice to prevent and ward off the evil eye. It can affect your life almost and sometimes worse than a black magic spell. It is known to come from humans giving you a lingering gaze with envy, jealousy or other negative feelings. Everyone catches people giving dirty looks, but sometimes there is more there than just a hated gleam. An evil eye can be given from a stranger, friend or family member without them even realizing what they have done to you. For those that know of the power they have, it is used to inflict suffering in one’s life intentionally. An evil eye curse is perhaps a more general curse than many others because it can be put over you without meaning to it. What is the evil eye? It’s a look or thought someone gives you with a strong negative jealous or envious powerful feeling of grudge behind it. Whether they mean to or not, the outcome is the same. There are people who specialize and actually get paid to give people the evil eye. Some of the outcomes may be devastating to your relationships, careers and lead to bad luck in general. An evil eye can also be put on belongings such as vehicles, homes, and even pets. Causing things to break or pets getting sick.


The most victimized people that get the evil eye are happy and kind people, but it still happens to all kinds of personalities. The symptoms of the evil eye are quite extensive and they can break apart all aspects of your life. Indirectly, you may become irritable due to afflictions of the negativity itself. You may feel things like hot and cold flashes, agitation, anxiety and sweating profusely when it first hits if it is very strong. The clammy feeling and paleness of your skin make you look sickly and unattractive. Your friends may grow tired of the negative energy that lingers around you that can cause you to be angry and your love relationships may suffer greatly. You may become highly emotional constantly and for no reason which becomes confusing for the people around you. Your emotions can begin to make you feel like you’re alone in the world and then you create that reality. As you begin to push friends, family and loved ones away, you can lose everyone that mattered. They grow tired of your negative, unruly attitude coupled by you pushing them away in agitation.


Methods of finding protection from the evil eye are variable. To ward off evil eye curses, wearing an evil eye protection pendant or other evil eye protection jewelry cannot help. Praying to God for the removal of the evil is more of an answered prayer than if you were a victim of black magic and prayed for black magic removal. In either case, only God knows why some prayers are granted in life and some are not. The same as God puts doctors on this earth to heal medical issues, God also puts Spiritual Healers in this world to heal Spiritual problems. If you go the Spiritual Healer route you must seek help from a true Spiritual healer who has experience in removing the evil eye. Evil eye remedies are available from gifted healers that can shorten the time you have the eye on you. The evil eye jewelry meaning only symbolizes that the eye can deflect the negative emotions and intentions. The only good that the symbol brings is the power of awareness and makes for a good conversational piece. The faster you can get evil eye removal, the better your chances of maintaining your most cherished relationships. A black magic healer is capable of determining if you have an evil eye curse on you. They can then shorten the time you have the eye taking over your life. The evil eye can affect you the same as a black magic spell. The difference is that an evil eye is easier to remove because there is no order written to the negative entities and energies that enter your life by a black magician controlling them. The negative energy and entities can come and go as it pleases and nothing is forcing or controlling it to stay with you.

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