How Spiritual Affirmations Help During a Divorce

Divorce is more often than not, a deeply painful experience. You are disappointed and deflated at your inability to keep the marriage going. By nature, you feel as though you somehow failed and may berate yourself for everything. The negative feelings you hold inside of you about the divorce can manifest and you begin to lash out at your partner. Unresolved feelings can create havoc in your life as well as your partners. Maybe you were unable to continue with the marriage but it’s important to honor the relationship you had. An amicable ending to your marriage will help you avoid extensive issues that come with divorce. Many couples fight for far too long about who gets the house, custody of children and dividing of assets. It’s often due to unrest within themselves and for each other. Finding peace during a divorce isn’t always easy but spiritual affirmations are one of the effective spiritual healing methods.

Spiritual affirmations, also known as spiritual sayings for healing, are a deeply positive practice that brings positivity into your life. They are a way of offering yourself spiritual healing that can be done daily. It takes just seconds to tell yourself something positive. They can turn your thought process around completely and very rapidly. You change your whole demeanor when you begin to send yourself positive messages. Spiritual healing methods during divorce can allow you to remain compassionate and forgiving. Divorce is rarely agreed on completely by both parties. When one person is hurting more than the other, this can create a lot of drama. Whether it’s you who’s hurting or your partner, spiritual healing is equally as important. 

If you are feeling angry at your partner or perhaps just at life due to your marriage ending in divorce, there are specific spiritual quotes for healing. The more you use spiritual affirmations, the more you will find your negative emotions fading away. When you are able to begin accepting what has happened, you feel more at peace. You don’t fight for material objects that meant nothing to you just to seek vengeance on your partner. Here are some examples of spiritual affirmation for peace in your life.


“I am at peace with myself and the world around me”

“Everything I do is done in the spirit of acceptance of what is.”

“I surrender to the spacious presence of effortless being. My mind is still, my body is calm and I am at peace”

Spiritual affirmation for healing can help you feel better about the end of your marriage. As you begin to focus more on your journey, you let go of negative emotions. Believing that the affirmations are allowing for spiritual inner healing will manifest it to be your truth. Consider them spiritual prayers for healing and know that they will be delivered to you.

“I open my heart to the light of consciousness, letting go of all pain and suffering that is in my body.”

“I believe in the power of spiritual healing.”

“I believe in the power of infinite goodness and as this ever-present life flows through me, all things are possible.”

Affirmations of enlightenment can bring faith that God will take care of your every need. Spiritual motivation means you believe that God is guiding you to a positive place in your life. As you speak these words, you will likely feel more relaxes as you let go and stop resisting. Being wide open for change and growth is a wonderful option on how to spiritually heal yourself.

“I am open to the wisdom of God as he guides me in everything I do.”

“I let go of all resistance and surrender to the Power Within.”

“I am fully open to and embrace the lessons of the present moment.”

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