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Experiencing paranormal activities in your house is never a pleasant experience. And you can’t walk up to anyone and ask: “Is my house haunted?”


How would I know is my house haunted?

We don’t advise living in a haunted house. Repeated contact with paranormal activities will often leave you scared, terrified, amused, horrified, or restless. It affects the peace of mind of everyone in your home.
So it’s vital you learn how to tell if your house is haunted by a ghost or an entity.

Fact from Fiction

Is my house haunted? The first step to finding out is differentiating fact from fiction. Horror movies and novels really heavily use scare tactics to promote their ideas. There is always a scary ghost disappearing and reappearing scaring the house inhabitants.

And, even though, ghosts are quite real. The experience of a haunted house, in reality, is different from fiction. This is because there is more than one reason why your house may be haunted.

Here are actual things that happen if your house is really haunted:

  • Finding an item in a spot different from where you left it.
  • The persistent feeling that you are being watched.
  • Sometimes doors and cabinets open on their own.
  • Abnormal sounds in the day and night.
  • Unexplained temperature changes in some areas of the house.

Why your house May be haunted

Now that you have an idea of the signs. It’s normal to ask “Why is my house haunted?” This is a crucial question because it’s not only ghosts that haunt a house.

Below are the 3 main reasons why you may be experiencing paranormal activity.

1. Black Magic

It’s possible that your house is haunted because of black magic placed on you. Black magic is an ancient art practiced by black magicians. A black magician worships Satan and performs rituals and sacrifices to invoke Satan’s entities and demons.

Through special rituals, these black magicians are able to control these demons. Now, if you were to have someone who is jealous of you or bound to take revenge on you. You may be a victim.

They may hire a black magician. The black magicians send these evil entities to cause destruction in your life. And because these demons are bound, they can’t leave even if they want to.

However, these entities have their own minds and personalities. Some like to scare humans for fun. Many times they have a mischievous childlike personality.

Therefore, apart from the other symptoms of black magic, you will be experiencing. The entities may also choose to haunt your house and make you really miserable with their paranormal activity. If this is the case you will need to remove the black magic.

2. Demons and Jinn

Another possibility for a haunted house is if you have a possessed person in your home. And I believe it’s important to note that evil entities such as jinn and demons don’t possess objects. However, they do like to sleep in them.

Entities don’t live in dolls, creaky chairs, music boxes, or magic mirrors. Djinns and demons may be attracted to your home if it’s unclean. They feed on gases made from waste products.

Even though jinn and demons sleep inside some objects. It’s never on a permanent basis. Even if, you were to bring such items into your house. The entities will most likely leave.

Evil entities possess people instead. If you have someone who is possessed in your home? The entity living in them can haunt the house you live in.

So to know what’s really going on in your home. You need to have a free black magic check done by an educated spiritual healer. Only such can get rid of demons.

3. Ghosts

Is my house haunted? As you can now see, even though most people jump to the conclusion that they have a ghost in their house. They’re most often wrong.

If you are reading this, you have obviously had a paranormal encounter recently. So, ghosts are real. There is no doubt about that. But if you have a ghost in your house. The question should be “Why is my house haunted by a ghost?”

A ghost is an energy form shaped in the last life a human lived. This is the most rudimentary explanation of what a ghost is. Only humans can form a ghost. Therefore, a ghost will always be in human form. If you see an entity in your home that is not human in form? It’s probably a jinn or demon. If this is the case you wi8ll need to know how to get rid of spirits in your house.

Reason Ghosts Hang Around

There are a lot of reasons why a ghost might be haunting your house. These include:

  • The spirit is confused and doesn’t even know it has become a ghost.
  • They didn’t know they are trapped and are scared. Even more, than you are.
  • Some have a mission to complete. The mission doesn’t always have to do with you.
  • They are figuring out their mission and can’t find a way to progress into the afterlife.
  • Some are there to give a final message to someone they know.
  • They are there for unknown reasons.
  • Some choose to be there.

Ghosts can be found anywhere: factories, schools, mansions, and so on. They do not follow people around like in the movies. They mainly stay in an area, and they generally mean no harm to anyone.

Ghosts don’t scare or cause problems for people on purpose. If my house is haunted by a ghost, it would be a matter if my path crosses theirs.

Dangers only happen when you don’t know it’s a ghost and take the wrong steps.

Is My House Haunted? What to do

Now to the most important question of all. What do you do when your house is haunted?
The first thing we’d discuss is what you shouldn’t ever attempt. Never attempts to get rid of ghosts or entities with spiritual symbols.

Paranormal movies lay a huge emphasis on crosses. But please don’t go purchase a spiritual symbol and believe that’s all you need. No!

It doesn’t matter if they were made in China or Jerusalem. These symbols can’t communicate with the entities haunting your house.

The same goes for salts and sage burning. Salt is a traditional cleaner that can kill some bacteria. But that’s all the height of its power. Sage burning helps to refresh an area and calms people down. But neither is able to remove negative energy, also not to talk to demons and ghosts.

The only way out is to seek spiritual cleansing for your home. This can only be done by an experienced spiritual healer. And this isn’t without its dangers.

There are a lot of fake healers out there.

How to Get Rid of a Ghost

I’ve read a lot of scammers online. These scammers trick people to get their money and possessions. They tell you to bring certain valuables such as jewelry and heirlooms to them. They claim they want to cleanse these items.

Unknown to you, their goal is to make away with it. And you’ll never be able to reach them once they get your valuables.

Some scammers cast black magic on you instead. Instead of having to deal with one problem, they make it two. They do this so you’ll be indebted to them. You then have no option but to follow their demands.

This is why you have to be careful of the spiritual healer you hire. Make sure the healer has a good track record and a lot of testimonials on their website.

Is My House Haunted? A Trusted Solution

Trust your intuition. At our office, we offer a free black magic check, and we have a lot of testimonials. Watch out for fake spirit healers who don’t offer these. Real testimonials like ours are richly detailed. If you see short testimonials, it’s probably fake.

I have over 30 years of experience. A real spiritual healer like me can help you cleanse your house successfully. The healer will start by finding the cause of the problem. Whether it’s due to black magic, demonic possession, or ghosts.

The healer will then open the door to help them cross over. This is exactly what we do at the office of Talal Zoabi.

Is my house haunted? This is a good question! I hope we have done our best to answer it. You know what to look for and what not to do. Now it’s up to you to request for the help you need.



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