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Tips for the most accurate check:

  • If you are checking to see if black magic is on someone due to an unexpected break such as voodoo love spells, up please submit a check for yourself as well so Talal can look into the entire situation.

  • Make sure to give any names the person you are checking goes by now or has gone by. This includes nicknames. In most cases black magic is written in someone’s name. For example if your birth name is Joe and everyone calls you John, o r Steven and you go by Steve it is important to give both names because black magic could be written in either name.

  • It has been found in the past that clients have checked for themselves and the results came out negative for black magic. When they checked their parents, it was found that black magic was put on their parents to affect the children as well. If there is any possibility that your parents have black magic on them it is a good idea to submit your parents in the free black magic check as well as yourself.

  • In some cases, if a spouse or someone living in the same household as you have black magic on them it can indirectly affect you. It has also been found that clients checking themselves did not have black magic but discovered after checking their spouse or roommates they were being affected by someone else’s black magic. It is good to check everyone if they need spiritual cleansing to know for sure.

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