Talal will ask for the person’s full name, day, month and year that they were born, their mother’s first name, where the person is physically located, and a photograph of the person. If you work with any other website to break black magic and you are not asked this same information, then you should proceed with caution. It is impossible to assess if you are the victim of black magic spells without these pieces of information unless a Spiritual Healer sees you face to face.

Ask yourself, how can anyone help you without knowing this information? Will they be able to help you with your terrible problem if they know nothing about you? Can they tell you about your situation just from emails or your voice? Definitely not!

Only Spiritual Healers Can Break Black Magic

To diagnose black magic or white magic, any Spiritual Healer needs the complete name, birthday, mother’s name and photograph of the affected person. These pieces of information will also be used in creating talismans to break the magic spell. Talal needs the country you are located in since some mail carriers do not deliver to certain countries. Your location is also needed to calculate the time difference between your country and the Holy Land.

Astrologers Do Not Remove Black Magic Spells

A lot of people think that astrologers can tell if a person is a victim of black magic if they provide the date and time of their birth. If these are the only pieces of information asked from you then the person is not a Spiritual Healer. A good Astrologer can create a horoscope map of your life to identify your personality. They will never be able to tell you if you are a victim of black magic and do not have the ability to break black magic.

Psychics In General Cannot Develop a Cure of Black Magic

A psychic is not a Spiritual Healer and is not able to remove black magic-- even temporarily. If you have someone who is not a Spiritual Healer create protection spells or white magic spells to break black magic spells, it will only make your situation worse. It is extremely rare that a psychic is gifted with spiritual healing but is possible. Ocassionally some psychics use black magic to gain insight and knowledge about people.

Why does a Spiritual Healer need this information to assess your well being?

This information is important so that you are singled out from everyone and it is you, not someone else with your same name, who is being treated. An estimated 7 Billion people live on our planet. Imagine how many people share the same name as yours. Or the same birthday, or same mother’s name. Talal’s research found 2 other people in the world with the same name and information as his, and this is just information based on people with internet access. Think about how many people including those without computers have the same name and information as you.

Talal has had many experiences where clients have provided incorrect information regarding their birthday, a typographical error in their mother’s name, last name, etc. When the person who submitted the incorrect information noticed something different in Talal’s response, they immediately provided the correct information.

Any information you provide to Talal’s office is kept completely confidential and is only used to assess you for black magic. If you are bound by black magic, he then uses the same information to remove the black magic.

Why is the mother's name more important than the father's for breaking black magic?

It is believed that your mother is the person that God has chosen to give birth to you. If you are adopted and you have no idea who your real mother is, inform Talal before he does your check otherwise your assessment will be inaccurate and of no value. If you are adopted, Talal will need additional information.

How does a spiritual healer work once I have provided my information?

It takes Talal anywhere between one day to a week to assess your situation depending on his schedule. Results are usually sent to you via email within a few days. Talal is not allowed to reveal how he does his assessment work, since this could jeopardize his gift.

During the check, in most cases Talal will see the following:

1. If the person is bound by black magic

2. What type of magic has affected the person

3. What the magic was made for and in some cases what the symptoms are

4. How the magic was done

5. How long the magic has been in place against the person

6. How the magic has affected the person. Note that magic for one specific area of life can affect the person in many other ways both directly and indirectly.

7. If Talal can break the magic and the means to do so

8. How long it will take to break the magic.

9. The charge to break the black magic based on the time and the process that he must use.

For spiritual and legal reasons, Talal is not allowed to reveal who performed the black magic. All of his work and services come with protection so once the black magic has been broken, you are 100% Guaranteed that no one can ever do black magic to you again.

Note: In some situations where the black magic has been in effect for a very long time Talal might not agree to break the black magic. Someone who lives with black magic for so long may be used to the way they are living. Breaking the magic would be like waking the person from a dream only to see their whole life has been ravaged. If it will devastate a person to the point where they couldn’t manage any more after seeing all they’ve missed out on, then Talal must leave things as is to avoid further harm.

Talal will not use spells-- either black magic or white--to break black magic and provide protection. He is a Spiritual Healer and uses his gift from God to break these spells.

Once the assessment is complete and we’ve gotten back to you, the information is filed awaiting response from the inquirer.

The Process of Removing Black Magic

Talal was born with a special gift from God and he uses this to help people. He once said that if his services were not so time consuming and draining on him, he would gladly offer them for free. However, he has to do his healing work in the middle of the night, losing sleep and it also takes much time communicating with the client. Therefore once you communicate with Talal, he needs time and quiet to do his work in peace for there are many people contacting him on a daily basis.

Different Types of Black Magic Spells

There are many different types of black magic spells and everyone is affected in a different manner. Some people may be naturally stronger than others while other victims may have been bound by the spell for a long time. The black magicians creating the spells differ also and have an effect on the process. Some black magicians are also more powerful and more experienced than others.

There may even be different ways to break magic and in most cases, after Talal has finished working for a certain number of nights, he may need to send Talismans to clients. These Talismans have specific directions that the client needs to follow exactly. There may also be instances when the talisman can be emailed to the client and copied or re-created using saffron or water. Or they might need to be mailed directly to the client.

Clients may be required to put the Talisman in a bottle of water and place it under the stars for a number of nights. They may be advised to drink the water or use the water as a wash. Different clients will have different processes for using the Talismans in their healings.

Protection Against Black Magic

Sometimes clients are told to keep the Talisman with them wherever they go, or to keep it at home for protection. Regarding Talismans, there are no standard instructions that can be used for everyone. The removal of magic must be custom and unique for each individual.